What You Get from a Tristate Golfer Magazine Subscription

17 Feb
If you are an avid golf fan in the Tristate, you should not miss any part of the Tristate golf updates. One good way to do this is to subscribe in a Tristate golfer magazine. The magazine releases a volume every quarter. So, what do you get when you have a subscription? What’s in it for you then? Here are some of the wonderful things you will enjoy if you choose to become a Tristate Golfer subscriber.
First of all, you will get excellent information about the Tristate Golf. The magazine features everything about the event including its history and the latest updates. Your subscription will allow to you keep in touch with what is new and what is yet to happen around the Tristate Golf area. The magazine usually features every event that is held in the Tristate golf course. You will be able to hear news about your favorite golfers in town.
Not only are you updated with the latest news and upcoming events in the area, you will also be informed about other activities like destination golf. Even news about the news open is covered in the magazine. Every piece of news that has something to do about golf is practically in the magazine. The magazine covers details coming from the Philadelphia Area courses, Harrisburg-Lancaster Course, South Jersey Courses, Maryland courses, and Delaware courses.
The best thing that you’ll ever get with your subscription is that you will be privileged to be updated about the latest area golf specials. If you are always looking for great deals in golf, the magazine often features golf discounts for their customers. Your subscription will be able to give you hints about the sways to help you get a good deal out of your tournaments. The magazine even features issues about discounts for gold materials.
The magazine has an online website where you can see previews of the things that is happening in the Tristate. It is actually a portal to what you can actually see in the magazine. If you get to enjoy and benefit from the online articles and newsfeed, then you will most definitely benefit a lot from the magazine subscription itself.
You can even enjoy watching instructional videos provided by the website. You can get useful tips from Lou Guzzi and Adrienne Hogan straight from the golf club area. There is nothing better than any of those free instructions. You get to learn about these and more from your magazine subscription. You can actually get one and enjoy a copy today! Most of all, you can take pleasure having the magazine with your family and friends as well.

One of the best things that you will benefit from getting a Tristate Golfer magazine is the fact that the news are brought to you by the most outstanding  magazine contributors in the area. Not only those, the news and articles are coming straight from award winning journalist and exceptional analysts of the sport. You can rest assured that newsfeeds are brought to you fresh and with absolute quality.

from Tristate Golfer Magazine http://ift.tt/1cQ9YrB


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